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Hi everyone! The human here. Gizmo is currently in the yard helping his siblings dig a hole big enough to bury a semi-truck.

June 3rd was Gizmo’s 18 month ampuversary & he’s either got life so good on THIS side of the bridge that he’s refused to give up his posh lifestyle or we’re doing something right in terms of his ongoing care. At any rate, he’s quite happy & so very loved. His prognosis was poor & we’d hope he would make it to his 11th birthday last year. He did. In fact, he loved his birthday party so much he decided to stick around a bit longer & celebrate another!

We’ve had numerous fun adventures and I so wish I could share them all but it would take a million posts! I’ll share just a few photos. Hope all you tripawd families are well & know that we think about this incredible community often! Cheers! – Anna the human.


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5 Responses to “18 months….2 birthdays later…”

  1. megstamum said:

    Happy Birthday Gorgeous Gizmo!!!! That is a very splendid cake, and you look handsome as ever in your pawtrait. You and me, Gizmo, you and me, two bodies one soul. We were meant to be. Especially if you might possibly see your way to sharing some of those delectable treats….

    Love, your girl, Meg xxx

    PS Those EARS!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  2. dobemom said:

    Way to go Gizmo! You keep showing us how it’s done! With parties like that, you’re sure to stick around for more. Happy birthday!

    Paula and Nitro

  3. jerry said:

    Wheeee! Super big hoppy CONGRATS for another major, miraculous milestone! I’m thrilled to know life is good for you and the pack.

    And now I see your secret…Honest Kitchen! We love their stuff too. It’s magical 🙂

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