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Gizmo started his tripawd journey when diagnosed with osteosarcoma. His prognosis was about 6 months after his amputation but after applying his doggy math, that turned into 4 years! I didn’t want him to succumb to this disease but rather live a good, long life. We are so fortunate to have those extra years. Gizmo passed away peacefully as an old dog who lived to see 15. Gizmo, you deserve to be whole again. I’ll see you on the other side buddy. I love you.

10 Responses to “Mission accomplished! Run free sweet boy!”

  1. jerry said:

    Anna and family, our hearts are heavy with the news, we are deeply sorry. I know Gizmo doesn’t want us to be sad but dang we are going to miss your adorable guy.

    What a remarkable story, he truly is one for the Tripawd Hall of Fame. He was a fixture around here! To live FOUR YEARS after osteo, and to be a senior dog, at FIFTEEN, is just incredible and so, so inspawrational.

    We are furever grateful that you allowed us to join you on his journey. Watching him get to enjoy life and just be a dog again, was a privilege we will always hold dear to our hearts.

    May Gizmo party into eternity with all our Tripawd angels, on all four legs. He will be deeply missed.

    Rene, Jim, Wyatt Ray, Spirit Jerry and The Tripawds Nation

    • thebwuders said:

      Thank you Rene. We could not have been able to successfully navigate thie legged life without the support of this community. You, Jim, Wyatt & what Jerry started is amazing & I hope you’ll continue to pawsitively impact tripawd lives. You guys really made a difference in Gizmo’s life. I thank you.

  2. dobemom said:

    Way to go Gizmo! You beat that rotten disease just like my Warrior Nitro! Hopefully you two are celebrating big time at the Bridge! Run free, sweet boy!

    Paula and Warrior Angel Nitro

  3. benny55 said:

    GIZMO!!! Our precious, adorable, cuteness overload Gizmo! I’m crying. I am. I absolutely adored you…and still do.💖

    I want to come back when my tears aren’t flowing so hard because you, my friend, deserve to be celebrated!! You deserve us all giving you a standing ovation and a rousing send off as you run free!!

    Bit at this moment, I have to shake off the sadness a little bit longer. I’ll be back dear friend. I love you so much.

    Love and light
    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie

  4. thebwuders said:

    Oh Sally…you have NO idea how much Gizmo loved your posts! He would literally light up when I said your name. You would have been so proud of him seeing how well he handled life on three legs. I cannot thank you enough for your kind words throughout this journey. Thanks for always there. We love you.

  5. kazann said:

    Sad that Gizmo has left for the Rainbow Pawty but then he lived a life well worth celebrating. His story is well worth repeating for folks who are concerned that their pet is too “old”. Also for vets who are discouraging saying the pet is too old. Gizmo would laugh and dance saying, just watch me!!

    Thanks for this beautiful post.

    Kerren and Tripawd Kitty Mona

  6. hdowningbarrier said:

    I am so sorry about your sweet pupper, but getting 4 years after an osteosarcoma diagnosis gives me so much hope for my own dog. Thank you for sharing your story.

    • thebwuders said:

      Thank you! I’m glad Gizmo’s legacy will inspire others as well! We opted for the amputation & tried the Carboplatin but after only ONE round Gizmo didn’t tolerate the meds well so we stopped. His prognosis was poor because he couldn’t continue the chemo. I changed his diet (The Honest Kitchen brand food) and gave him supplements (K9 Immunity Plus) and lots of love! Sending positive Gizmo vibes to you and your sweet puppers! 🙂

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