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Hi everyone! The human here. Gizmo is currently in the yard helping his siblings dig a hole big enough to bury a semi-truck.

June 3rd was Gizmo’s 18 month ampuversary & he’s either got life so good on THIS side of the bridge that he’s refused to give up his posh lifestyle or we’re doing something right in terms of his ongoing care. At any rate, he’s quite happy & so very loved. His prognosis was poor & we’d hope he would make it to his 11th birthday last year. He did. In fact, he loved his birthday party so much he decided to stick around a bit longer & celebrate another!

We’ve had numerous fun adventures and I so wish I could share them all but it would take a million posts! I’ll share just a few photos. Hope all you tripawd families are well & know that we think about this incredible community often! Cheers! – Anna the human.


Gizmo….13.5 months as a Tripawd. 😘

Let’s try this again…

December 9, 2016

For some odd reason, our posts are not visible so we’re making a third attempt to share Gizmo’s one year ampuversary with our Tripawds family. If this doesn’t work, well we’ll just forgo blogging for now. (Hope the techy folks can fix).

Gizmo’s still enjoying life on 3 legs & we are just so incredibly thankful for this time together. Chemo was not an option for him(one round, didn’t tolerate it AT ALL) so we’re just living moment to moment!

I’ve added pics of his scruffy, cute self. I love you Gizmo!!!



Pictures from our year…

December 4, 2016

Since I wasn’t able to post regular updates, I thought I’d share a few pictures of Gizmo’s year since his amputation. 😊 He’s enjoying life with his pack thanks to tips & advice we’ve received on the Tripawds site!



365 days ago…

December 3, 2016

…I was taking Gizmo to the hospital for the amputation of his right, rear leg due to osteosarcoma. So much has happened since that day. We apologize for not posting updates as often but the truth is, we’ve been spending & enjoying our time together and just cherishing each of those 365 days!

Gizmo & I have had 365 “good morning” cuddles.

365 “i love you” puppy kisses.

365 “just because” hugs.

365 days of looking at my Gizmo’s eyes as they look back at me with all the love his heart contains.

365 days of “together”.

I love that little scruffy bundle of cuteness. Thankful (oh so thankful) for each & every SECOND of those 365 days! Gizmo & I wish all of our Tripawd friends a very happy & safe holiday season!

Here are recent pictures of Gizmo getting into the holiday spirit! Love to all!!! A special shout out to his Auntie Sally!!! 😊